Improving life chances in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

  • Grant Range: £500 - £3,000
  • Closing Date: Rolling grant programme
  • Apply Online

REEDS Grassroots Fund


The fund supports projects in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland that aim to improve the life chances of disadvantaged communities.

  • Applications are invited from smaller (income of no more than £70,000 per annum) organisations.
  • Applications should clearly show how groups/areas facing greatest disadvantage will be improved or supported.
  • Projects must have clearly defined objectives
  • Applications are welcome for ongoing projects where there is evidence of continuing need, and/or for new/innovative projects (new groups, in new places or new services) which clearly demonstrate the how the need has been identified and how it will be addressed.

Grants will be considered for projects which have a direct focus on addressing disadvantage and improving life chances of specific communities.

Examples of disadvantaged communities include those affected by poverty, unemployment, homelessness, asylum seeker/refugee status, disability and people with learning disabilities.

Examples of projects and activities that have been supported include:

  • Projects run by and for disabled people which improve life chances
  • Projects which alleviate the effects of poverty – e.g. food banks and/or new advisory services linked to the alleviation of poverty
  • Projects run by and for people from minority ethnic communities which deliver positive outcomes in the areas of increased education and  life skills 
  • Projects which improve literacy and skills for employment for those furthest from the job market and most in need
  • Advocacy, advice and guidance for those most in need and which will bring about a clearly defined outcome such as advice on welfare benefits and sanctions
  • Activity which will strengthen an organisation’s ability to deliver positive outcomes and increase reach or capacity to those facing greatest disadvantage 
  • Befriending activities

Activities which are not a priority for the REEDS Grassroots Fund

  • Sports groups/sporting activities for the general public
  • Uniformed groups
  • Environmental projects
  • General Arts projects
  • General community activities

Grants of up to £3k will be considered.

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