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Our values

The Community Foundation's values describe who we are as an organisation and guide all our actions as trustees and staff.

We seek to make a difference at the Community Foundation

  • sharing our love for North East England and wanting it to thrive
  • believing in the importance of giving and philanthropy
  • backing the brilliant work of local charities
  • championing disadvantaged people and less well supported causes

We earn the trust of the Community Foundation's grantees and donors

  • starting where they are and encouraging their ambitions
  • being respectful, reliable and responsive
  • building lifelong relationships
  • applying sound judgement and knowing our stuff
  • staying independent and accountable

We make sure the Community Foundation keeps getting better

  • sparking off and challenging each other across our organisation
  • taking personal and collective responsibility
  • learning from our successes and mistakes
  • embracing diversity and treating people fairly
  • having a healthy workplace and positive balance in our lives
  • taking our work seriously but not ourselves