Mr Murray’s Million Pound Match Endowment Challenge


About the Million Pound Match Endowment Challenge

On 5 September 2016, the Community Foundation is launching an initiative that will add a £1 for £2 match on donations. The Million Pound Match Endowment Challenge was established with a legacy gift from the late Mr  Murray.

The £1 for £2 match is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and it aims to encourage new donors to establish an endowment fund, help grassroots giving with our theme and affinity funds and support existing donors to grow their Funds and better serve our communities for generations to come.

 The challenge was announced at an event held by Ron and Louise Bowey, and kindly supported by Muckle LLP.


Who is eligible for Match?

The Million Pound Match Endowment Challenge is eligible to individuals, families and businesses who wish to establish an endowment fund or build on an existing endowment fund at the Community Foundation.  Family charitable trusts and corporate charitable trusts may also be able to benefit from the match and should contact us to discuss options.


How to give

Gifts of cash are eligible for match funding and can attract Gift Aid for UK tax payers. We will match the value of gifts including Gift Aid to maximise donations and ensure that your support can go further.

Gifts of publicly quoted shares, which attract tax relief, can also be considered for match funding on a case by case basis.

Donations can be paid by direct bank transfer to Barclays Bank sort code 20 59 97 account number 70992631, or by cheque payable to Community Foundation with the fund name written on the reverse.


Minimum level of gifts

Gift must meet a minimum level in order to gain match. New donors must be committed to setting up a named fund, which start at £10,000 for an unrestricted fund and £25,000 for a field of interest fund.

The minimum level of donation into an existing named fund or theme & affinity fund is £1,000.

More information about fund types at the Community Foundation can be found in our Guide to Named Funds.


Maximum level of match

There is a maximum level of match available to ensure as many of our existing donors as possible can take advantage of this offer, along with encouraging new donors to get involved.

The maximum level of match is £50,000 for a new donor, £25,000 for an existing donor and £25,000 for donations to a Theme and Affinity Fund.


Examples of gifts with match


Find out more

For more information about Mr Murray’s Million Pound Match Endowment Challenge please download our leaflet here.

All donations to the Community Foundation to establish or grow funds or support our work generally are covered by our Gift Acceptance Policy.

To find out more about tax-efficient giving for individuals, businesses, or a legacy, click here.


To make a pledge or find out more about the scheme contact

Lisa Cappleman

Principal Advisor, Giving & Philanthropy

0191 222 0945 or email