Match for your endowment gifts

The Community Foundation can add £1 for £2 as match on endowment fund gifts. The Match Challenge was established with a legacy gift from the late Mr Murray.

Match is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We hope to encourage new donors to start funds, build our collective giving funds and support existing donors to grow funds.

Who is eligible?

The Match Challenge is open to individuals, families and businesses who wish to start an endowment fund or build an existing endowment fund at the Community Foundation. Family charitable trusts and corporate charitable trusts may also be able to benefit.

How to give

For UK tax payers, gifts of cash can attract Gift Aid. We will match the value of gifts including Gift Aid to maximise donations and ensure that your support can go further. Gifts of publicly quoted shares, which attract tax relief, can also be considered for match.

Minimum gifts

New donors must be committed to setting up a named fund, which start at £10,000 for an unrestricted fund, £25,000 for a field-of-interest fund, and £50,000 for a donor-advised fund. More information about types of funds is here.

The minimum gift that can be matched for an existing fund or a collective giving fund £1,000.

Maximum match

There is a maximum amount of match available to ensure as many of donors as possible can take advantage of this offer. The maximum match is £50,000 for a new donor, £25,000 for an existing donor and £25,000 for donations to collective giving fund.

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