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Repurposed grant feeds families in Northumberland during Covid

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As the country entered the first national lockdown in March 2020, many charitable organisations had to re-think how they could best serve their communities. The Full Circle Food Project in South East Northumberland was able to use a repurposed grant from the Reeds Grassroots Fund at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland to help deliver food parcels to those most in need. 

Elaine Holdsworth, Senior Philanthropy Advisor at the Community Foundation said: 

“There was no hesitation in supporting this change of use to enable Full Circle Food Project to move quickly to offer this vital support. This is a great example of how so many of the brilliant charities in our region were working in the heart of their communities at a time of unprecedented need.”  

The grant was initially given to run activities for young people but, as the Covid pandemic hit, it was agreed that the purpose of the grant could change, allowing the occupation of the project staff to alter so they could focus on getting food out into the community. 

Full Circle Food Project teamed up with Northumberland Churches Educational Academy to deliver food parcels to children that would have received free school lunches had they been at school. In total over 800 food parcels were delivered, providing much needed essentials to families without having to leave home. In addition, they also delivered food parcels to households across the county, signposted to them by Northumberland Communities Together. 

Sarah Robinson, Chief Executive at Full Circle Food Project was grateful for the flexibility of the grant: 

“A generous donation from The Reeds Grassroot Fund had been granted to us for young people’s activities but as these could no longer take place, the Community Foundation was very accommodating in letting us use the funds as needed in our community.” 

With the loosening of restrictions in the summer, Full Circle Food Project was able to return to the originally planned activities including summer school sessions and outdoor activities including dancing, sport arts and crafts and cooking. As part of this, they made hundreds of children packed lunches that were taken to outdoor areas as part of a programme of family events. 

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