1st Dec 2021

The Charity Commission has recently updated guidance on safeguarding for charity trustees. The Commission has a series of helpful ‘5-minute guides’. They cover a variety of topics including finance, decision-making and purpose. 

Rob Williamson, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation, explained why the safeguarding guide is so important: 

“Every charity has a responsibility to have their own robust safeguarding arrangements in place. This is irrespective of whether they work directly with children or adults at risk. The Charity Commission’s guide will support trustees' knowledge and understanding of safeguarding and how to implement it within their organisation.” 

A safeguarding policy ensures that an organisation doesn’t cause harm to anyone with whom it has contact. It outlines the organisations understanding of risk, approach to dealing with incidents and identifies where reporting responsibility lies. 

The Community Foundation reviews safeguarding policies of every organisation that applies for funding to ensure they are fit for purpose. This means looking for evidence that the policy covers all the guidance requirements, but also that it’s being reviewed regularly. 

To help trustees understand governance within their organisation, the Directory of Social Change launched the Governance App. The app is free to download and is an easy way for boards of trustees to review their governance. It helps trustees identify areas for improvement, create a forum for targeted discussions and score performance in key areas. 

You can access all the ‘5-minute guides’ here.  The Governance App can be downloaded here. 

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