1st Dec 2021

The 'Good to Give' guide features 23 charitable organisations from across the North East.

Two weeks ago, the Community Foundation launched its very first ‘Good to Give’ guide. This new guide, which aims to inform and inspire North East donors, is the first of its kind in the UK and will help people support local North East charities who are making a positive impact on poverty in the region. You can download a copy here. 

Rob Williamson, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation has been delighted with the response so far: 

“We have seen a number of our donors use their funds to support organisations featured in the ‘Good to Give’ guide. There have also been generous individuals making donations directly.  

“At a time when poverty has been felt so keenly, it is particularly important to shine the light on brilliant local charities and community organisations that are taking steps to tackle it. We hope that the guide will inspire people to give locally and support these causes”. 

Donors who were inspired by the guide included Dave and Julie Stafford, who’s JesDesStaff Fund generously made contributions to four of the organisations featured. They explained their rationale for the decision: 

“We have been thinking during the difficult times resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic that we ought to try to help those in our area who will have been adversely affected by the changes to Universal credit and the rising costs of food, petrol and heating. The Community Foundation’s ‘Good to Give’ initiative was just the catalyst that we needed to spur us into action.  

“We have chosen local charities that have links with the Community Foundation, knowing that our money is going to provide support when and where it is needed most. Now that the cold weather is upon us and with Christmas just round the corner this is a time when financial pressures mount up. 

“At the same time, we have decided to add to our existing fund which we plan to revisit after Christmas as this can be a time when more help may be needed”. 

Richard Sadler, one of three donors who helped establish the John & Barbara Sadler and Jeanette Henderson Fund, found value in the overview of the organisations:

"For us the guide provided useful 'pen portraits' of trusted organisations. We have a clear vision of how we wish to use our fund and it enabled us to find organisations that are doing great things that we wish to support".

The ‘Good to Give’ guide enables people to find out and more about the work of 23 Community Foundation regional grantees and local Citizens Advice services and donate to them directly or via the Foundation. All are making a difference to poverty and have adapted their work during the pandemic and beyond. 

The guide was launched at the Cedarwood Trust, one of the organisations to feature. Adam Lopardo, Director of Community Relations at the Community Foundation and Wayne Dobson, Chief Executive of the Cedarwood Trust, discuss the impact in this video. 

Download the ‘Good to Give’ guide here. 

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