16th Oct 2017

An exciting new match funding initiative, Crowdfund Newcastle Culture, is backing cultural crowdfunding campaigns in Newcastle, thanks to a partnership between the Community Foundation, Newcastle City Council and Crowdfunder UK.

In 2018 to celebrate the year of the Dog, the Chinese Festivity Group is hoping to raise £10,000 through Crowdfunder UK, to reinstate a parade and full community programme. The celebration will feature dragon, lion and unicorn dances as well as jaw-dropping floats and colourful displays, a female drumming troupe, Chinese folk dances and children’s activities.

The New Year celebration could be eligible for a match of 50% through the Crowdfund Newcaslte Culture scheme and is expected to attract crowds of around 15,000 people, all enjoying the heritage display by over 200 performers.

Sow Fong Cole, a founder member of the Chinese Festivity Group, said: “For the first time we are looking to revitalise the Chinese New Year celebrations; and also help develop two new women’s cultural programmes.”

“The Parade will not only involve the Chinese community, as we would like to invite other national groups to take part as well, which will make it unique. We would like to welcome everybody to get involved! Potentially we are looking for the funding to help bring the community together during our annual festivities.”

The Chinese Festivity Group Crowdfunding page launched on Wednesday August 23rd at 3pm, from which date they have one-month to reach their target amount. Once 25% of the target is reached, a further 50% of the overall target will be added, meaning that the group is closer to its overall target. Funding is available through the Newcastle Culture Investment Fund, a grants programme run in partnership by Newcastle City Council and the Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation has committed £50k towards Crowdfund Newcastle Culture, and is limiting each organisation to a maximum pledge of £5,000 which could make up 50% of their overall target.

There are three easy steps: establish a financial target of up to £10,000; once the project has raised 25% from at least five unique backers you will trigger a 50% pledge against the total target. To be eligible the project must then go on to raise the full target to secure the income.

Councillor Kim McGuinness, Newcastle City Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities, said: “This partnership scheme will open the doors for a great number of fantastic, creative projects from both individuals and groups in the Newcastle area.

“Opportunities like Crowdfund Newcastle Culture are a good example of how funding opportunities are being developed to allow a hands on approach to project planning, financing and development. The beauty of this scheme is that a wide variety of different arts and culture projects can be submitted for consideration hopefully resulting in more of them achieving their goals. We hope creatives and groups embrace this, and we look forward to seeing more exciting projects delivered in Newcastle.”

Ellie Turner, Principal Advisor Culture at Community Foundation, said:  “Crowdfunding benefits both the giver and the project. Donors and investors do not make an immediate payment but rather pledge to receive a reward. Then, if the project meets their target, payment is taken. To attract givers, organisations offer rewards such as art, events, merchandise or tickets.

“The Community Foundation strives to help create partnership campaigns such as Crowdfund Newcastle Culture with organisations like Newcastle City Council and Crowdfunder as we have great belief in the high level of quality work being produced in the region.”

Jason Nuttall, Funding Manager at Crowdfunder added: “We’re delighted at the opportunity to Crowdfund Newcastle Culture and make available extra funds for arts projects crowdfunding in the City – who could double their money.

“Crowdfunder also has over £2million of other funds to distribute to projects to make their ideas happen. We’d encourage anyone thinking of crowdfunding to take a look at Crowdfunder and explore the opportunities.”

Crowdfund Newcastle Culture welcomes applications from individuals, groups and organisations from across the City.

For more information visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/newcastle-culture 

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