Stella Simbo, trustee

Volunteers Coordinator, Success4All CIO

Having served as a primary school teacher, both in the UK and abroad, for over a decade, Stella made the transition to the voluntary sector in 2017. Since that time, she has been part of the team at local educational charity, Success4All, whose aim is to engage, equip and empower young people so they are best placed to fulfil their potential and create a bright future. As Volunteers Coordinator, Stella engages, trains and supports young people, as well as older volunteers. Previously, she worked for the Anne Frank Trust, delivering workshops in primary and secondary schools in Newcastle aimed at tacking prejudice and discrimination as well as running social action projects with youth groups. She is a member of the Sierra Leonean Association Tyne & Wear (SLATW) as well as NEEACA (North East of England African Community Association). As a trustee of the Community Foundation, Stella welcomes the opportunity to bring greater representation of small charities and those from minoritised ethnic backgrounds.