Top: West Northumberland Food Bank; Above: West End Refugee Service

The Good to Give Guide highlights 23 of our trusted grant recipients helping people in poverty right now. We are focusing on poverty because it was already affecting our communities before the pandemic, and the virus has made things worse. With higher fuel prices, benefit changes, the end of furlough and supply shortages, winter could be especially difficult.

The organisations we’re profiling are all doing great work but, because they’re small and local, they struggle to raise their profile and generate public donations. By reading the Guide, you can identify organisations making an impact where you live and we encourage you to make support one or more of them.

The Guide contains brief descriptions of each organisation as well as links to their websites and donation pages.

Download the Good to Give Guide

How to give

There are a number of ways to support the organisations included in the Good to Give guide.

  • If you want to give direct, you can donate to one or more organisations via the links in the guide.
  • If you want to give via us and don't have a fund with us, you can make a donation here. We will direct donations to one or more of the organisations in the guide.
  • If you you have a fund with us, you can speak to your Fund Manager to make a grant from your fund or contribute to a collective pot. We will direct funds from the pot to one or more of the organisations in the guide. 
  • If you don't have a fund with us but are interested in hearing more about how you can work with us click here
  • If you want to give time rather than money then we run a Skills Match and Trustee Match scheme to match people interested in giving their time and expertise to support the work of charitable organisations. Click here for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Where did the idea for Good to Give come from?

Good to Give is based on an initiative from Toronto Foundation. For the last few years Toronto has produced a guide with a short, curated list of organisations they know well which are tackling the most pressing challenges facing its area that year. We spoke with them and borrowed the idea.

What is the aim of the Good to Give guide?

The aim is to shine a light on small charities who are helping address likely increases in need this autumn and winter arising from a ‘perfect storm’ of increasing fuel and food prices, ending of furlough and the removal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift.

How did you select the organisations listed?

Organisations were selected based on:

  • a track record with us
  • having delivered on their recent grants with us
  • turnover below £500,000 in line with our goal to support smaller organisations (exceptions where there was no other organisation fulfilling the other criteria in an area, but all are below £750,000)
  • clearly addressing poverty either in their objects or in recent grants we have made.
Why wasn't my/this organisation included, they fit the criteria?


We work with hundreds of brilliant local charities every year and we’d love to highlight them all, but the list would be unwieldy for donors and readers. Selecting just 23 was very hard but we hope to produce a Good to Give each year, highlighting different brilliant organisations every time. We also regularly promote organisations we support here on our website, through our social media and e-news and other PR. 

How does our organisation get into the next Good to Give guide?

If we continue Good to Give, future editions will likely focus on different vital issues in our communities, so we’ll look for organisations that fit what they are at the time. Organisations we feature will be those who, at the time of compiling the guide, have had recent successful grants from us and a generally strong track record with our funding. We’ll also continue to highlight smaller organisations in line with our strategy.

Is a paper copy of the guide available?

The guide will mainly be shared as a digital document. However we have limited numbers of printed copies if you, a friend or a client would like one. Please contact us on the general number at the bottom of the page.

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