28th Jan 2020

Meet Andrew, a donor to the Giving Network

Andrew Hebden

A giving network for the next generation of philanthropists in North East England is looking for new members in 2020. The Giving Network at the Community Foundation supports young professionals to give to important community causes by identifying priorities locally and offering a match incentive to ensure that personal gifts can go further.

The Giving Network was created by the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear & Northumberland and is supported by law firm Ward Hadaway. The charities chosen to present to the Giving Network for support in 2020 have been identified as Gateway into the Community (West Northumberland), Fightback (Sunderland), Family Gateway (North & South Tyneside) and the Young Women’s Outreach Project (Gateshead).

The four charities were selected from a long list of nine by the network and each work to address issues of diversity and inclusion for people with a disability, Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic (BAME) communities and/or women.

The network awarded £16,104 to four local charities at its first ever giving event in May 2019 and is encouraging new members to join the scheme which would see individuals have over £320 to give away in May 2020, based on a £30 per month donation.

The Giving Network brings together professionals who donate at least £30 per month for local causes. Donations are matched on a three-year sliding scale by the Community Foundation and increased through Gift Aid; meaning a £30 per month donation rises to £64.50 per month in year one, £54.50 per month in year two and £44.50 per month in year three.

As a priority in 2020, the Community Foundation identified diversity and inclusion as its key issue and selected four charities to speak at its next giving event in May 2020.

Lisa Cappleman, Principal Advisor, Giving & Philanthropy at the Community Foundation explains:

“The Community Foundation’s Vital Signs research, which gathers data on community issues in our region, identified diversity and inclusion as a priority issue for our area in 2020.

“Under this theme we asked our existing members to vote for their top four charities from a long-list of nine charities working in areas of disability, BAME communities and women.

“As part of the shortlisting process, the four selected charities will also receive free training on pitching and presenting to the network, courtesy of the Community Foundation with support from our kind sponsors Ward Hadaway.”

Meet Sally, a donor to the Giving Network

Sally Cooper

Sally Cooper, a charities solicitor in Newcastle, has been a member of the Giving Network for a year. Sally explains the reason why she is a member:

“The Giving Network, run by the Community Foundation, identifies key areas of need in the North East. So, as a donor, I'm assured that the money I'm donating is going to key areas of need in the North East where I live and work.

“I think it's really important for us all to give back to our local communities in whatever way we can. For professionals, £30 per month is not a lot actually and I think everybody should be giving back to the community in some way. Especially as we live in this collective society, where if we're not going to care for each other, then who is going to?

“If you're wanting to do something a bit different, give back to the community you live in, I'd say go for it!”

The Giving Network at the Community Foundation is kindly sponsored by Ward Hadaway for the second year running.

Jamie Martin, Senior Partner at Ward Hadaway adds:

"As a successful law firm and significant employer in the region, it is very much part of the conscience of the people at Ward Hadaway to be actively engaged and invested in making a difference to the communities in which we live and work.  The Giving Network is a great initiative, encouraging charitable giving by individuals, and getting those people closer to the charities they support, and so we are very proud to support its continuing development."

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