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TrusteeMatch: connecting good people to good organisations

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TrusteeMatch at the Community Foundation, is a programme to help place board members at voluntary organisations across the region. The scheme has developed a pool of trustees eager to join medium-to-large charities and provide support and guidance to help the sector grow.

TrusteeMatch offers professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills including:

–          Legal advice and guidance

–          Finance and planning (non-treasurer positions only)

–          Human Resources, risk analysis and change management

–          Fundraising, marketing and income generation

Trustees have expressed an interest to work with charities in the following fields:

–          Housing and homelessness

–          Services for older people and vulnerable adults

–          Young people and education

Ellie Turner, Principal Advisor, Partnerships and Engagement at the Community Foundation says:

“TrusteeMatch is a free service to help us place good people into good organisations. We want to see our sector thrive and are in a great position to help professionals share their skills with our grantees.  If you’re looking for a new trustee for your board then please get in touch and we can make an introduction to one of our many members.”

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We match people with relevant skills who are looking for trustee positions with organisations looking for trustees. Use our downloadable forms to register your interest in becoming a trustee or to register your need for one or more new trustees.




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