Grants of between £750-£1500 for arts and cultural activities across the North East

  • Grant Range: £750 - £1500
  • Closing Date: midnight Monday 26 April 2021
  • Apply Online

About The North East Fund for the Arts

The North East Fund for the Arts was established at the Community Foundation in May 2012 The focus of grants is to enable community groups to access professional, quality arts activities, on their own terms. Projects could therefore engage a community in arts activity for the first time, develop their engagement, or inspire participants to seek further opportunities in the arts.

The project may lead to the creation of a piece of art but an ‘end product’ is not a requirement. A community for the purpose of grant-making is a group of people who will benefit as a result of the grant. They could be a geographical community or have a shared background, identity or interest. Decisions are made by a panel made up of an independent group of sector specialists, donors and artists.

The North East Fund for the Arts

The North East Fund for the Arts draws together a number of funds that all seek to establish and enhance cultural activities with a range of participants. In this round, they include the Pen and Palette Club Fund, the Christopher Beadle Fund and the Lady Betty Martin Fund. You don’t need to specify which fund you are applying for as we will match you application to the most appropriate fund but you should first visit our website to find out more about the various criteria and to ensure you are eligible for at least one of the funds. We are seeking applications from organisations only - consideration of how individual artists and freelancers will be involved is part of the assessment process - but unfortunately we are not able to fund individuals through this call out.

The Pen and Palette Club Fund

The Pen & Palette Club Fund was established in April 2014 by the committee and members of the Club. Grants are made to organisations and groups for activity associated with literature, music and visual arts. The fund will look for the public benefit of proposals to enhance the quality of events (for example; poetry readings, art workshops and master classes) to improve facilities & equipment and provide support towards the cost of exhibitions. Decisions are made by a panel made up of members of the club.

The Lady Betty Martin Fund

Professor Sir Laurence Martin established the Lady Betty Martin Fund in 2014 in memory of his wife. The fund recognises Betty’s contribution and passion in education & young people and her time living in Newcastle upon Tyne. The purpose of the fund is to support arts activities benefitting children and young people (age range 0 – 21) in communities across the North East of England. Decisions are made by a panel made up of Community Foundation staff members.

The Christopher Beadle Fund

The Christopher Beadle Fund was set up in 2012. It exists to support the music development and education of young people in Tyne and Wear. Grants will be made to organisations that are facilitating music projects with young people (0 to 21) that can make a difference to their lives; in realising potential, engaging people and making our communities all the richer for it. Please note that this fund is only open to organisations based in Tyne and Wear. Decisions are made by a panel made up of Community Foundation staff members.

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