Supporting the community in the Parish of Shotley Low Quarter

  • Grant Range: £250 to circa £15,000
  • Closing Date: midnight, Thursday 14 October 2021
  • Apply Online

About the Fund

The RWE Renewables Kiln Pit Hill Windfarm Community Fund at the Community Foundation has a maximum allocation of £15,000 for grants to voluntary and community projects based in the parish of Shotley Low Quarter. Applicants can apply for a minimum of £250 up to the maximum funds available in the fund year.

Who can apply

Constituted voluntary and community groups based within the boundary of the Shotley Low Quarter Parish. (This includes the Parish Council).

Grants for individuals may be considered under special circumstances

Applicants should demonstrate that their project has community benefit and charitable aims.

What can be funded

examples of what could be considered for support: 

  • Capital items (for example, games, resources, equipment etc.)
  • Revenue items (for example, trips and entrance fees)
  • Sessional worker costs (for example, workshop tutors)
  • Repairs and/or refurbishment to a community building
  • Start-up costs for new community groups Out of school activities Voluntary and community group activities Community and environmental projects

This list is not exhaustive and all applications will be given due consideration by the advisory panel.

The fund has an allocation of £15,000 per annum minimum; we will make grants from £250 up to the maximum funds available in each year. You must be able to explain what you will do with the grant, who will benefit and how you know the work will be effective. 

You can apply for general running costs, specific projects or activities, or for the costs of capital developments or equipment.

If you are applying for capital items, we ask for three quotes to be provided, we recognise this is not always possible, if you can only secure one, or two quotes we will contact to you to understand why.

CICs or other social enterprises with a good business plan can apply for help with start-up or expansion, but we do not normally support their general running costs.

Area of benefit



What will not be funded

  • activities which are not charitable in law;
  • organisations that do not have adequate safeguardingarrangements;
  • contributions to general appeals or circulars;
  • where the primary benefit is the advancement of religion;
  • where the primary benefit is to enable a public body to carry out its statutory obligations;
  • where the primary benefit is the advancement of animal welfare;
  • activities which have already taken place;
  • grant-making, or equivalent gifts in kind, by other organisations (although we can fund provision of goods necessary for a service e.g. food parcels or activity packs);
  • privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnerships
  • things that could bring the reputation of the Donor, or the Community Foundation into disrepute

How do I apply?

Online applications can be made using the 'Apply online' button at the top of the page.


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