Projects that establish new activity to promote traditional music, song and dance in the North East, primarily Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

  • Grant Range: £750 to £3,000
  • Closing Date: Wednesday 10 April 2019
  • Apply Online

By way of illustration, projects might include:

  1. Engagement of young people – for example, setting up a youth folk band, a singing group or a rapper dance team
  2. An introduction to opportunities for involvement in folk arts
  3. Development of those already involved, improving their skills and deepening their understanding of the underlying aspects of the tradition
  4. Provision of bursaries; with priority given to those under 25


Although the North East Endowment for Musical Traditions does not see its prime purpose to support professional performance of folk arts, the fund may on occasion consider applications where special performances are designed to bring new people into the field or to change perspectives of those already involved.  Likewise although the primary purpose is not in the field of archive, activities that preserve and make available recordings which can help others to learn the skills of a living tradition may be considered.

Projects which use the North East Endowment for Musical Traditions to lever further funding from other sources will be particularly welcome.

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