Grants for environmental activities

  • Grant Range: £750 to £10,000
  • Closing Date: rolling grants programme
  • Apply Online

About Grants for Environmental Activities

LEAF-funded projects will make a demonstrable change and have an immediate impact on the environment. All applications must have a wider educational, awareness-raising element embedded into the planning and delivery. Applicants will need to show that there is realistic potential for ongoing community engagement, particularly in areas of environmental hardship.

The Lawrence Campbell Community First Fund provides support for sustainable woodland management, access to nature and wildlife for children, informal education outside of the classroom and the promotion of positive mental health through the environment.

You don’t need to specify which fund you are applying for as we will match applicants to the most appropriate fund. Applications for £2,000 are likely to be considered by The Lawrence Campbell Community First Fund, application over £2,000 will be considered by the The Local Environment Action Fund (LEAF).

Grants for Environmental Activities that provide access to the environment, community involvement, raise awareness and tackle the issues facing the environmental and climate change. This call out brings together two funds; The Local Environment Action Fund (LEAF) and The Lawrence Campbell Community First Fund that exist to provide opportunities for the people of the North East to understand and tackle environmental issues and climate change.

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