Funding for charitable activities within a 10km radius of the Ray Wind Farm

  • Grant Range: £500 to £10,000
  • Closing Date: 30 April 2019
  • Apply Online

The Vattenfall Ray Wind Farm Small Grants Fund at the Community Foundation: Guidelines for applicants

The Vattenfall Ray Wind Farm Small Grants Fund at the Community Foundation: Guidelines for applicants

About the fund

Following extensive engagement with the local community the findings of the consultation were compiled into the Ray Wind Farm Community Fund Community Profile Report and the priorities for the Fund established. 

The Vattenfall Ray Wind Farm Small Grants Programme (the Fund) at the Community Foundation distributes £100,000 annually to support charitable activities through voluntary and community groups, charitable organisations and social enterprises.

Area of benefit

Priority will be given to applications from organisations and individuals based within a 10km radius of the Vattenfall Ray Wind Farm (“the area of benefit” – see map below). Applications from organisations based outside this area may be supported if the Fund considers there is compelling evidence of benefit to residents of this area.

Who can apply?

  • Constituted voluntary and community groups and charities;
  • Social enterprises, subject to Charity Commission guidelines on the funding of such organisations which prohibit unrestricted grants;
  • Parish Councils and other public bodies for non-statutory purposes;

How much can you apply for?

Grants of £500 to £10,000 are available for projects of up to one year’s duration.

What can be funded?

Requests for capital and revenue funding will be considered for projects that are charitable in purpose, priority may be given to capital items with a tangible, lasting benefit, including improvements to community buildings. The Fund will consider all applications on their merits, but is particularly interested in supporting projects that meet 4 priorities identified through consultation with local people:

  • Developing community assets (g. improving IT infrastructure; maintaining and developing village halls and community buildings; maintaining church buildings)
  • Boosting the local economy (e.g. support services for new and existing local businesses; developing community businesses; tourist development initiatives)
  • Improving local quality of life (e.g. local leisure and sport activities; extra-curricular provision in schools; apprenticeships and training for young people)
  • Looking after the environment (e.g. creating nature trails; protecting local animals and plants; clearing waterways)

Examples of projects that could be funded under these headings include:

  • Capital works (e.g. maintaining and upgrading Village Halls, access to facilities)
  • Running costs for community groups (e.g. support in setting up community orchards)
  • Projects that add value to public services (e.g. conducting surveys of public footpaths)

This list is for guidance only. Please contact the Community Foundation if you are interested in applying and want to know more about what could be funded.

What will not be funded*

  • contributions to general appeals or circulars;
  • religious activity which is not for wider public benefit;
  • political activity
  • public bodies to carry out their statutory obligations;
  • activities which solely support animal welfare;
  • activities which have already taken place;
  • grant making by other organisations;
  • privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnerships;
  • activities likely to bring the reputation of Vattenfall or the Community Foundation into disrepute.

*In-line with Community Foundation grant making guidelines

10km boundary map

Vattenfall Ray Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund Small Grants Programme will accept applications for capital and revenue funding for charitable activities from organisations, community groups and charities based within a 10km radius of the Ray Wind Farm.

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