Support for Grassroots Community projects in Gateshead

  • Grant Range: £750 - £2,000
  • Closing Date: rolling grants programme
  • Apply Online

Grants for Community Projects in Gateshead


In addition to the usual Community Foundation criteria, organisations:

  • Must be a based and working in Gateshead
  • Project must be able to start within 3 months of receipt of the grant (flexibility for Covid-19 restrictions considered).
  • The amount applied for must be the full amount required to run the project (not part funding for a larger project)


Will support:

  • Sessional activities/project costs
  • Sessional staff costs and volunteer expenses
  • Project resources and equipment


Not supported: 

  • Items given for permanent personal use (e.g. clothing; technology)

How to apply

To apply, please click the 'apply online' button above

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