Activities and support for older people; disadvantaged children, and disabled people living in Northumberland or Tyne & Wear

  • Grant Range: £750-£5000 (and in certain circumstances, up to £10,000)
  • Closing Date: rolling programme
  • Apply Online

About The Prime Fund

The primary focus of the Prime Fund is to support activities for older, vulnerable people; disadvantaged children or disabled people experiencing hardship and/or exclusion in Northumberland or Tyne & Wear.

Grants of between £750 and £5,000 can be requested for a project of up to one-year duration. The project doesn’t have to be new. Continuation funding for an existing activity will be considered.

We will consider a two-year programme of up to £10,000 per annum from registered charities (Please note: a second year grant is dependent on receipt of a satisfactory first year interim monitoring report and funds being available).

Organisational annual income must be less than £1m (based on last full set of annual accounts) and the project must start within 3 months of receipt of the grant.

The grant may cover activity/programme costs (including resources, staffing, volunteer expenses, transport and contribution to organisational core costs).

The grant will not support:

• statutory activities including lessons or curriculum time, teaching costs or resources
• foreign travel
• items given as gifts or for permanent personal use (e.g. clothing or technology)

To make an application, please click apply online above.

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