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The Giving Network at the Community Foundation is here to help you make a difference on your doorstep. It’s for like-minded professionals to come together, pool their giving, learn about vital issues in communities and choose causes to support.

From housing homeless people, to welcoming refugees; from clubs for isolated older people to community arts festivals – we connect you with the vital groups on the ground which have a low profile but a big impact.

You can join the Giving Network for as little as £30 a month. And as a special incentive, in the first year, we are matching gifts £1-for-£1, meaning you can double your contribution.

Feel inspired by the causes you support

About the Giving Network

How does it work?

Members of The Giving Network donate a minimum of £30 per month into a fund at the Community Foundation. We then double your donation £1-for-£1 in the first year (up to a maximum of £1,000). In the second year we will match two thirds of your donation (we put in £20 for your £30) and the third year we will match one third of your donation (we put in £10 for your £30).

What can you support?

The Community Foundation’s Vital Signs research has shown that priority issues for our area in the immediate future are Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, Diversity and Women.

In the first year of the Giving Network, members voted on their top 4 charities from a long-list of 9 that were presented by the Foundation. Four went on to receive awards. They were Apna Ghar (£3,780); Cedarwood Trust (£4,806); Gateshead Older People’s Assembly (£4,012) and Washington MIND (£3,506).

This year, another 9 groups were long-listed which were shortlisted to four by the members vote. These shortlisted groups are Gateway into the Community (West Northumberland), Fightback (Sunderland), Family Gateway (North and South Tyneside) and Young Women’s Outreach Project (Gateshead).

When is the Giving Event?

The next giving event for the Giving Network will take place in May 2020 (final date TBC). The four short-listed groups will have the opportunity to pitch to members.

Join the Giving Network

I want to join by direct debit

To donate by direct debit simply complete the direct debit mandate and return it to us

Giving by direct debit is fast, easy and efficient. Simply download the sign up pack and return it to us at the address provided.

Download the sign up pack here

I want to join by Payroll Giving

If your employer offers payroll giving you can make donations to us through that and you receive the tax benefit straight away.

Please note that through Give As You Earn we cannot claim Gift Aid on donations so we ask that you make a donation of £37.50. This will cost 20% tax payers £30.00 and 40% tax payers £22.50 but your total contribution will be £37.50.

Download the sign up pack here

Donations & cost contributions

Are there any fees?

All funds at the Community Foundation make a contribution to cover our running costs. 

The Giving Network fund will contribute 10% based on the monthly donations only (so not Gift Aid and not the match) which means each £30 donation will contribute £3. See the examples below to show how this will work.

By Direct Debit
Your donation* £30.00 per month
Gift Aid £7.50 per month
Cost contribution @ 10% of £30 - £3.00 per month
£ for £ match on your donation (in the first year) £30.00 per month
Total per month into the Fund £64.50 per month
Your overall donations into Fund over the year £774.00 per year

*Higher rate tax payers may claim back an additional 20% of your donation plus gift aid (£37.50) through your tax return making your actual donation £22.50 per month.

By Give As You Earn
Your Give As You Earn pledge* £37.50 per month
Cost contribution based on 10% of £30 -£3.00 per month
£ for £ match on the minimum donation £30 per month
Total per month into the Fund £64.50
Your overall donations into the Fund over the year £774.00

*20% tax payers will only pay £30 per month, based on a Give As You Earn gift of £37.50

*40% tax payers will only pay £22.50 per month, based on a Give As You Earn gift of £37.50

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Jamie Martin, Senior Partner at Ward Hadaway is backing the initiative. He said:

“Ward Hadaway is a law firm rooted in the North East. We are committed to giving back to the communities in our region, and proud to support the Community Foundation’s initiative to encourage others to do so too.”

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