Giving tailored to your wishes

Anyone can start a fund. It is like having your own charitable trust but without the hassle of administration and regulation.

Regardless of your reasons for giving - whether you are passionate about supporting your community, or tackling society’s big issues; whether you want to be hands-off or actively involved - we’ll work with you to set up your fund in a way tailored to your wishes and circumstances. You benefit from our funding expertise, community knowledge and giving advice. And you’ll get regular feedback on how you’ve helped make a difference.

Fund types

We have two types of fund: endowment and annual.

Endowment: your gift is invested to set up the fund, with the revenue it generates every year going to support your causes. Over time, the amount distributed will outstrip your original gift, making a lasting legacy for your community. We currently have a match giving scheme for new endowment gifts.

Annual: your gift is held as cash and goes to support your causes in the year ahead. To keep the fund going, you need to make a new gift every year. We can also combine elements of endowment and annual funds for you.

For both types, there is a menu of options for how your fund can be set up to suit your wishes.

Options for your fund

Vital Community Funds

Back our high-impact initiatives.

  • If you are passionate about tackling big issues in society but don’t want to be hands on with your giving, then your Vital Community Fund will help us target the most pressing priorities and urgent needs in the region through research, initiatives and funding.
  • Endowment funds start at £10,000
  • Annual funds start at £5,000
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Field of Interest Funds

Choose your cause or community and we will support groups that match

  • If you have a specific cause in mind, but don’t want to be hands on, you can choose to support a particular place or interest, such as health, older people or homelessness. We’ll then make grants from the fund to groups that match your chosen interests.
  • Endowment funds start at £25,000
  • Annual funds start at £10,000
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Donor Advised Funds

Choose your cause and recommend the groups to get support

  • A donor-advised fund means you can choose the specific groups you want to support. We present you with shortlists based on our research and requests we receive, or you can nominate charities to us.
  • You also have the option of setting up an advisory panel to look at proposals.
  • Endowment funds start at: £50,000
  • Annual funds start at: £30,000
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Designated Funds

Choose one or more charities to support every year.

  • You can designate a fund to support one or more chosen charities. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure they stay on track. If something goes wrong, an alternative charity can be supported.
  • Endowment funds start at: £25,000
  • Annual funds start at: £20,000
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Agency Funds

A fund for one named charity forever.

  • Agency funds are a special type of designated endowment fund which provide a way for one charity to benefit forever.
  • Endowment funds only, starting at: £100,000
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