Expert philanthropy advice

Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or wealth professional, we can help you give the right advice to your private, corporate and charity clients about giving.

We have 30 years’ experience as philanthropy advisors in helping donors change the world on their doorstep. Though we focus on the community in our area, our advice is independent and we start with your clients’ wishes and how they want to make a difference.

How we can help

We provide:

  • a personalised, professional service that meets your clients’ wishes and means, while maximising benefit to the community;
  • a range of giving options and opportunities to ensure your clients’ gifts are tax efficient;
  • knowledge of community needs and organisations that make a difference;
  • expertise in providing funding and other charitable support;
  • privacy or publicity for your clients as they wish;
  • transparency and accountability through our Board of trustees and the Charity Commission.

We can provide advice either directly to your clients or through you.

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