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Fifty events unveiled for festival of philanthropy and giving

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The Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland and REWP@Newcastle University have unveiled the full itinerary for the GeNErosity Festival of Philanthropy and Giving.

The major three-week celebration in November will feature fifty events showcasing the North East England’s rich philanthropic tradition, encourage people to pledge their own generosity, and hunt for the North East’s Unsung Generosity Heroes.

Beginning on 7 November 2018, the Festival will tell the story of philanthropy in North East England, past, present and future with a launch event at the Discovery Museum where, for the first time, Professor Charles Harvey will tell the story of philanthropy and how it has dramatically inspired the region. Guests will also witness the premiere of a short film made especially for the Festival ‘What has philanthropy ever done for us?’ and award winning, November Club, in collaboration with young people from the region, will present their playful and inspiring take on philanthropy.

Research conducted by Newcastle University in the run up to the Festival has highlighted more than one hundred notable philanthropists who changed the region’s landscape through their gifts. Examples include Grey’s Monument, Holy Jesus Hospital, the Great North Museum and Jesmond Dene in Newcastle; Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle; Albert Park in Middlesbrough; Sherburn Hospital near Durham; the Hospital of God at Greatham; and Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead.

The GeNErosity Festival’s lead sponsor is Muckle LLP, a leading North East law firm for businesses with a history of charitable giving and volunteering.

As well as the headline festival events, 30 local charities will be opening their doors to host #PoweredByPhilanthropy events. CoMusica, a youth initiative within the Sage Gateshead is one of the organisations taking part, and will hold an open session on 17 November where young people can take part in DJ/MC and creative arts activities.

Sandra King, Chief Philanthropy Officer at the Community Foundation, said: “The GeNErosity Festival of Philanthropy and Giving in the North East will be a fantastic showcase for our region. But it isn’t only about celebrating the past – it’s also about influencing the future of philanthropy by inspiring more people to experience the joy of giving. Anyone can be a philanthropist – and many North Easterners already are. The Festival will highlight how past and present philanthropists have made a real difference. But we will also be asking people to get involved by being more generous with their money or time in whatever way suits them. Giving has always been hugely important to our region, and we need philanthropy now more than ever.”

Professor Charles Harvey, Director of the Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Philanthropy at Newcastle University, has led the team researching the story of philanthropy in North East England which will be profiled during the Festival and later the subject of a new book.

Professor Harvey said: “Through the ages, philanthropists have dramatically transformed our landscape. People will be amazed to learn how many landmarks, buildings and parks were donated by acts of giving. Without philanthropists, our area would be so different and we wouldn’t have achieved some of the tremendous things we have. And giving continues to shape our region. Modern-day philanthropists are just as instrumental to North East England as their forebears.”

Jason Wainwright, Managing Partner at Muckle LLP, lead Festival sponsor, said: “Our business has enjoyed support from the North East for over 100 years, so it is absolutely right that we do all we can to give back to our community. I’m incredibly proud that our people devote a tremendous amount of their time, expertise and energy to helping some fantastic causes, from scouts and sports groups to charities and the environment. We’re delighted to be supporting the GeNErosity Festival and I have no doubt that our people will pledge and encourage others to do more.”

To find out more about the GeNErosity Festival and view the GeNErosity video please visit and follow @GeNErosityFest on Twitter for updates.