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Curious Arts strengthens its governance with support from the Community Foundation

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LGBTQIA+ arts development organisation Curious Arts has strengthened its governance thanks to support from the Community Foundation’s sector support programme. The programme funded a consultant to help Curious Arts become a registered charity and recruited a new trustee with marketing and communications expertise to the board.

The sector support programme at the Community Foundation offers advice, training and matching programmes to help charitable organisations be more effective and resilient. The free programme includes Trustee and Skills Match which match individuals offering time and skills to organisations in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

Colette Harrison, Development Officer, Sector Support, oversees the sector support programme:

“At the foundation can support organisations with more than money. Increasingly we’ve found that local charities across the region want to reach new talent and encourage new voices and fresh perspectives on their Board.

“Part of my role is to support charities to identify and appoint new trustees but I also work directly with individuals to find the most appropriate and fulfilling role to fit their skills. Trustee Match aims to bridge that gap between those interested in becoming trustees and those needing trustees”.

Curious Arts works across the North East of England to develop projects, festivals and events which explore and celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer culture through the arts. Initially the board identified the need to become a charity and later joined Trustee Match to help find a trustee with expertise in marketing and communications.

Through working with Colette, she was able to identify Catriona Taylor, Community and Operations Director at Wag and Company, as someone who could fill the role and connected her directly with the organisation.

Phil Douglas, Executive Producer at Curious Arts said:

“The sector support programme has been a great help. It facilitated open and honest conversations about what we need as an organisation and who may be most suitable. It also prompted discussions with potential candidates around motivation, skills, knowledge and interest. We are delighted that after a few months of observing, attending a board away morning and trustee training Catriona will be joining the Curious Arts Board this month”

As for Catriona, Trustee Match allowed her to support a charity that met her skills and interests. She explained:

“Trustee Match provided me with a few charities I may have been interested in supporting as a trustee based on my skills and causes that I am passionate about. Curious Arts stood out to me with their arts based work championing LGBTQIA+ communities and I’m delighted to be officially putting myself forward to join the Curious Arts Board during Pride Month at their upcoming June meeting.

“Colette is one of the loveliest people you can meet and has lots of great advice and guidance for both charities and new trustees to start and continue on their trusteeship journeys”.

You can learn more about our Sector Support and Trustee Match here.

If you have any questions, you can contact Colette or join the next First Trusteeship meeting where you can network with others new to trusteeship. Book your place here.