20th May 2020

A video thanking our generous supporters and grantees.

Eight weeks ago, we set up our Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund to help local groups supporting the most vulnerable people during the outbreak, and to ensure charities in our area could get back on their feet after the crisis. 

A few weeks later, we also started distributing money raised through the National Emergencies Trust’s coronavirus appeal. Through our local fund, and the National Emergencies Trust, we’ve now received over £1.5 million into our Coronavirus pot. And, we’ve already been able to get nearly half of that out of the door to the vital local groups who are making a difference to vulnerable people’s lives on the ground.  

This is all thanks to a huge outpouring of generosity from many, many of the Community Foundation’s new and existing donors who’ve stepped up to help us tackle the crisis. It’s also thanks to all the businesses, foundations and individuals who’ve backed the National Emergency Trust’s appeal. 

We’re hearing amazing stories every day of how the money donors and partners have contributed is making a difference, and we wanted to share some of them with you.  

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