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Community Foundation still standing with the sector

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Today the Community Foundation has signed a renewed ‘We Still Stand With the Sector’ statement as part of the Covid 19 Funder Group brought together by London Funders. We and over 100 funders have promised to stand together with civil society “now, and always”. We all recognise that the impact of the covid-19 outbreak continues to have a significant impact on charitable groups, and want to offer renewed assurance that we stand with the sector at this time.

Rob Williamson, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation said:

“When Covid-19 hit we set up our Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund and were overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors. Together with them and funds from the National Emergencies Trust Appeal we were able to provide much needed response funding. However we know charitable organisations in our area and beyond will be crucial to the recovery and renewal of our communities beyond the crisis, and think it’s important to stand with fellow funders and say that we’re not going anywhere – we’re going to be on the side of communities and charitable organisations for the years ahead. It’s what we do”

We recognise that these are difficult times for everyone – personally and professionally – and that there will be challenges ahead for us all. We are strongest when we work together, which is why we are pleased to sign this pledge alongside fellow funders. It means that if you receive grant funding from us or any of the signatories we are committed to:

We’re proud to play our part in supporting the amazing work of people across the charitable sector – from before covid-19, through the crisis, and into the future. We stand with the sector now, and always.

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