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Changes to grant application form for organisations

If you’re an organisation that makes grant applications to the Community Foundation, please be aware that we have made changes to the application form. Please note, nothing will change for grant applications made by individuals.

Any applications that may already have been started (but not submitted) will remain on the existing application form until 11 September at which point, they will be automatically transferred to the new form. Any information you have entered during this transition will be retained.

The changes on the upgraded form are as follows:

  • Second Contact – a new section to provide the name of a second person (together with contact details) that we can discuss a specific application with. This should assist us in progressing the application.
  • Help Notes – we have added more help notes to the application form to guide you on what information is needed for each question.
  • Safeguarding – we have clarified what we need from you regarding safeguarding policies and procedures whilst also adding the ability to add more than one safeguarding policy if you have 2 separate documents.
  • Community Interest Companies (CIC) – if you are a CIC then we have added additional fields to help ensure you provide the necessary documents in your application.
  • Layout – We have split the form into separate sections and pages. This may make the form seem longer but it should make it easier to complete and being able to save after completing each page should reduce the chance of the data you have entered being lost due to connection or other issues.
  • Save and resume – when you save the new form you are now able to get back into it without returning to the main list of applications displayed in the portal. This should help in reducing the time spent to create and submit applications.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form below or you can speak to the operational support team by phone on 0191 222 0945.

Help notes that are included in the new form are also available for your reference by clicking here.