17th Oct 2017

Vital giving: fairness and inequality

The Wright Funk Fund at County Durham Community Foundation was established in 2002 by a local couple. They had inherited money from their parents and decided, rather than keep it, to use it to benefit others. The fund has now supported 126 families with hardship grants totalling £50,000.

The couple explain the reasoning behind their philanthropy as follows:

“The Wright Funk Fund was created with the objective of helping families stay together. We are very fortunate to have grown up in close families and, as we have continued to raise our own children, we have appreciated even more-so how valuable and important it is to have the bedrock of a loving family upbringing before launching into adult life.

If we can help a few families in County Durham who are struggling due to lack of skills, poverty, bereavement, chronic poor health, or other misfortune, then we may be shaping a better future for those children and their parents.”

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