13th May 2019

It's time to talk about philanthropy

The Community Foundation is keen to secure more funding for local charities by encouraging professional advisors to talk more frequently about philanthropy and giving.

In this series of eight videos, local experts share their tips on how to do this.

1. How we encourage more philanthropy

This video is part of a series of eight videos aimed to help professional advisors talk with their clients about philanthropy

We can help you give the right advice to your private, corporate and charity clients about their giving

A staggering 66% of wealthy individuals think their Professional Advisors could and should be giving them philanthropic advice. But why should you do this? And what's the impact on local charities?

In our series of eight videos taken from an event specifically for Professional Advisors, we show why you have a critical role to play.

If you’re a Professional Advisor and would like to know how the Community Foundation can help you with your queries about giving and philanthropy, please contact Sandra or Lisa using the details about the bottom of the page.

The full series

1. How we encourage more philanthropy

2. Triggers and motivations

3. Helping clients know if they can give to charity

4. Tax implications of giving

5. What questions come up when discussing philanthropy?

6. Do you think raising philanthropy with your clients can help long term client retention?

7. What are the main barriers preventing the next high worth individuals becoming philanthropic?

8. Have you ever had a negative response when you've raised philanthropy with clients?

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