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Pattinson Estate Agents Fund reaches £50,000 in grants made

The Pattinson Estate Agents Fund at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland is celebrating having made an amazing £50,000 in grants since it was established in 2016. 

The fund has supported a diverse range of local charities and voluntary organisations, helping young people and care leavers, survivors of domestic abuse, ex-offenders and those who are homeless or face housing challenges. Covering their own business footprint, the fund gives grants to organisations in the North East stretching from Berwick in the north to Stockton in the south. 

Elaine Holdsworth, Senior Philanthropy Advisor at the Community Foundation said: 

“Through the fund, Pattinson Estate Agents have shown a commitment to the area they serve and helping tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our communities. I am thrilled that by reaching this landmark, we can celebrate the impact of their generosity.” 

Caroline Pattinson, Managing Director at Pattinson Estate Agents said: 

“We set up the fund to mark the 40th Anniversary of Pattinson Estate Agency, almost seven years ago, and through it we are able to give grants to a range of smaller charities across the region. We are delighted to have hit the milestone of having made £50,000 in grants. We often get thank you letters from each of the groups who have received a grant from us, and they are lovely to read.”   

One of many grant recipients, the Albert Kennedy Trust (ATK) provides support, advice and guidance to young people aged 16-25 who are LGBTQ+ and who are homeless or have a housing need because they are living in a hostile environment. 

Carrie Reiners, Deputy CEO at ATK said: 

“We are grateful to the Pattinson Estate Agents Fund for their kind donation in support of our work to provide safe accommodation and support to LGBTQ+ young people who face homelessness and abuse in the North East.  We see an increasing demand year on year for our services and this support will help to ensure that no young person has to choose between a safe home and being who they are.” 

Another beneficiary, Foundation Furniture and Gardening Project, support communities in Gateshead through the provision of recycled household furniture. Michelle Scott from Foundations added: 

“Foundations was first supported by Pattinson Estate Agents in 2019. Thanks to their continued assistance ever since, we have helped over 40 households most affected by furniture poverty and crisis in Gateshead with free pre-loved beds, sofas, and storage.  

“Households have told us about the positive changes they have experienced as a result, such as feeling more positive, sociable and settled in their homes and community. We hear that children are sleeping better and able to invite friends over, while their parent(s)/carer(s) feel less anxious knowing that the financial burden of being able to afford furniture has been lifted.” 

Based in Durham, Nepacs operates across the North East, working in seven prisons to support prisoners and their families. It does this by meeting the needs of families at each stage of the criminal justice system, from courts into custody, throughout a sentence and back into the community. 

Tina Young, Communications and Development Manager for Nepacs said:  

“We are extremely grateful for the grants we have received from Pattinson Estate Agents. Their generosity has helped us to support thousands of people each year who come in contact with the criminal justice or care systems across the north of England.   

“We are there for people during difficult times when they need some additional support, whether that be emotional support, help with building resilience, confidence and self-esteem or some practical information. But we couldn’t do this vital work without the kindness of individuals and organisations like Pattinson Estate Agents who support us.”