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GO Local Foods invests in worms thanks to LEAF funding

Testing new environmental farming methods with philanthropic funding modules

GO Local Food is testing new methods for improving the soil on its fields following a grant from the Local Environmental Action Fund (LEAF) at the Community Foundation. 

Over the past 6 years GO Local Food has successfully brought unused land back into production, and does so without the use of chemicals, which it says are harmful to local wildlife and bugs. However, a no-chemical approach to land management is hard and time consuming. Fields are often covered in weeds, which means that the vegetables and plants are in competition for nutrients in the soil.   

A grant from LEAF is enabling the charity to build a compost system that will produce around 12 tonnes of compost a year. The conservation growing system, also known as a no-dig system, uses hot compost to encourage worms and other fauna to aerate and enrich the soil.   

Gill Thompson, Founder Member of the Go Local Food Co-operative says: “We produce 6 tonnes of seasonal vegetables a year, supplying over 50 families with weekly crops for 50 weeks of the year. We want to get even better at what we do best – growing fabulous, tasty veg whilst encouraging birds, bees and all manner of flora and fauna… like worms! It is anticipated that the new plots will be produce more quality veg, which will also mean we can feed more people and hopefully reduce time spent weeding.”

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