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Fenham Youth Club receives vital support

A youth club in Fenham running a transformational initiative aimed at nurturing the potential of local young people, is thriving having received an award from the David Dockray West End Young People’s Fund at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. 

NE Youth’s Fenham Youth Club is ran in partnership with Children North East. Since its inception in April 2023, the Fenham Youth Club has already engaged with over 200 young people, offering them a range of activities, workshops and support services. From recreational sports and creative arts to mentoring sessions and educational assistance, the club seeks to address the diverse needs and aspirations of its participants.  

The grant from the David Dockray West End Young People’s Fund kick-started the project and enabled Fenham Youth Club to set up and deliver services in the Fenham and Wingrove area. 

Pete Barrett, Senior Programme Advisor at the Community Foundation said: 

“The Community Foundation is very pleased to see the progress which has already been made at the Fenham Youth Club, this project fills a gap in open access youth provision in the area, giving the young people a safe place to go to be themselves, have fun and access support if, or when they need it.  

“Funding from the David Dockray West End Young People’s Fund to support the partnership of NE Youth and Children North East has allowed the Club to open, and gives it a firm foothold in the area and furthers our aim of making longer-term strategic grant awards to maximise impact for the young people”. 

Jon Niblo, the CEO at NE Youth, expressed his pride and enthusiasm for the Fenham Youth Club and the collaborative partnership with Children North East: 

“Having previously been co-located for many years in the former West End Boys Club/Dockray House, we have always had an affinity with the Fenham area. We were proud to be given the opportunity to create a youth work offer by the David Dockray West End Young People’s Fund and are delighted with the outcomes and progress to date. Our partnership with Children North East has been instrumental in making this initiative a resounding success.” 

Leigh Elliott, Chief Executive at Children North East, added: 

 “The Fenham Youth Club plays an important role in giving many young people a space to feel safe, develop their skills and resilience, whilst building a supportive community. This collaboration with NE Youth and the David Dockray West End Young People’s Fund has been transformative for many young people and demonstrates why youth work is a powerful tool for supporting children and young people to grow up healthy and happy. We are delighted to be partnered on this project with NE Youth, which has made an important contribution to young lives in our region for over 85 years.” 

The Fenham Youth Club has proven to be a lifeline for the young people in the community. Currently running twice a week, the club operates on Friday evenings with youth workers in and around the neighbourhood, fostering positive interactions and building relationships with young people wherever they feel most comfortable. On Monday evenings, the youth club is based in St James’ & St Basil’s Community Hall, providing a dedicated space for engaging activities, one to one support and group sessions.