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Important news for all applicants to the Community Foundation Online monitoring and impact reporting is coming into effect from Monday 13 April 2015 »


From Monday 13 April 2015 we are making some important changes to the way we ask you to provide feedback on grants. There are two changes being made.

The first change is the introduction of online monitoring. We will be asking you to provide feedback on your grant using the same online system that you used to make your application. This will be more efficient, cheaper and better for the environment than our existing system. Just complete the online form and press submit. No more printing or postage costs, and no more having to dig out the paper form we sent you six months ago!

For grants made after April 1, 2015 you will be able to access the online monitoring form for your grant at any time. You can do this by going to the Community Foundation website  and logging in to your account using the email address and password you used to make your application. You will even get an email reminder when your feedback is due.

Online monitoring will apply to all grants made subject to an application to the Community Foundation. Paper monitoring forms will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

The second change is the introduction of impact reporting. This is being brought in to make sure the Community Foundation has the information it needs to tell donors about the work done with their funding. Hopefully this will encourage them to give more!  It will also support our work with grantees to ensure that our funding makes a real difference to local communities.

The way we will expect you to report on impact is very simple. When you apply for a grant we will ask you to tell us what you want to achieve in the form of 1-3 grant objectives. These don’t have to be complicated. We just want you to tell us exactly what you intend to do with your grant and by when. The most important thing is for your grant objectives to be “SMART”

Specific You should state exactly what you intend to do with the grant.
Measurable Make sure it is possible to collect evidence of what is achieved with the grant.
Achievable Be realistic, and only set grant objectives that you are able to deliver.
Relevant Remember we are interested primarily in what difference our grant will make.
Timescaled For each grant objective tell us exactly when you hope to have achieved it.

 Examples might include:

  • For a simple grant to purchase a mower for a cricket club:
  1.   A mower will be bought and used on the club’s pitch by June 2015.
  • For a more complex grant to run youth sessions focused on promoting healthy living:
  1. 40 young people will take part between June and August 2015.
  2. 12 sessions will be held of 2 hours duration in Summer 2015 covering exercise, healthy eating, smoking, sexual health and drugs and alcohol.
  3. We will collect “before and after” evidence to see if participants’ attitudes to healthy living change and report our findings in September 2015.

Our grant assessors will review your grant objectives when we consider your application, and may wish to recommend changes to them if necessary. Then, at the end of the grant period we will ask you to provide evidence that your grant objectives have been achieved. For this reason it is important to ensure from the start that you collect information about how you are doing in relation to each grant objective. From 2015 we will begin auditing a selection of grants each year to ensure that the information provided on impact is as accurate as possible.

We anticipate that in some cases, the organisations we fund will not succeed with all their grant objectives. Reporting honestly that particular grant objectives have not been met will not affect your future chances of applying for funding from the Community Foundation. After all, things do not always go as expected. Usually we just want to understand the lessons learnt when things go wrong, so that they can be done better next time. However, should this happen on a regular basis, we may want to discuss with you ways in which we can help you ensure that future grants are more successful.

Do you require further guidance?

If so, please speak to any of our philanthropy or programmes staff who will be glad to assist.

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Sir Nigel Sherlock, KCVO OBE JP appointed a Patron of the Community Foundation »

JS39233923Sir Nigel Sherlock, KCVO OBE JP has become an honorary Patron of the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland following an invitation from its President, His Grace the Duke of Northumberland.

Sir Nigel was appointed as a Patron in recognition of the longevity and scale of his generosity and commitment to communities in the area, both in his past role as Lord Lieutenant of Tyne & Wear and in a personal capacity through the Community Foundation.

Sir Nigel Sherlock, KCVO OBE JP said:

“The Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland is a charitable organisation that supports local communities and voluntary organisations through a portfolio of philanthropic funds. Having been involved with the Foundation for a many years, most recently as a Lord Lieutenant, I am delighted to see it continue to grow. The Community Foundation is recognised as the largest in the UK. We have built an endowment of over £65m to serve local communities in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, which is a testament to the kindness and generosity of people in our region. It is a great honour to become a Patron of the Community Foundation and I hope to see our movement continue to grow so that we can support even more people in the future.”

Ashley Winter OBE, Chair of the Community Foundation said: “I would like to publicly recognise the support of Sir Nigel Sherlock, KCVO OBE JP. We would like to thank Sir Nigel for the longevity of his support, for his kind generosity and for his commitment both in his role as Lord Lieutenant of Tyne & Wear and in a personal capacity. We are delighted that Sir Nigel has accepted appointment as a Patron of the Community Foundation in respect of his major contributions in building an endowment to serve local communities in perpetuity. We are grateful for Sir Nigel’s continued support in this role, and we hope that he will inspire others to get involved in our work helping to create stronger communities in our great region.”

The Community Foundation delivers a programme of philanthropy through its named charitable funds to support causes in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. The Foundation works with individuals and family philanthropists, businesses, as well as trusts and foundations both locally and nationally to create stronger communities in the North East.

For more information visit:

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High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Charity Golf Day Challenge »


On 15 May 2015 the High Sheriff of Tyne and Wear Golf Challenge will be held at the Northumberland Golf Club. Golfers will have a chance to play the North East’s Open qualifying course and support a good cause which makes awards to youth organisations in Tyne & Wear in recognition of the work of young people in the community. The event is supported by the Northumberland Golf Club who have offered in-kind use of the facilities.

All proceeds from the event will go to The High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Fund at the Community Foundation which awards grants each year to groups that engage young people in constructive activities, help them to get a job and to become good citizens.

For more information on how to enter a team visit

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High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Awards 2015 »

T&W_GJmr-0036The High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Awards 2015; over £30,000 was awarded to celebrate the contributions of young people in their local communities throughout Tyne & Wear.

The High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear, Mrs. Ruth Thompson OBE celebrated the end of the Shrieval year with a celebratory awards evening at Sunderland University.  52 awards totalling £30,000 was presented to community organisations and charities to recognise the work of young people in the community. An additional prize of £250 for the ‘Roger Spoor Unsung Hero’ Award was presented to Mary Burns of Eighton Banks to recognise her time and dedication as a volunteer of over 20 years. North Tyneside Disability Forum performed a signed singing showcase featuring songs by George Ezra and One Republic. Katy McLean MBE supported the evening with a video message and Kevin Ball SAFC  was  guest speaker, both inspiring young people not to give up and to continue their good work in becoming outstanding citizens in the community.

In total, 45 awards of £500 were awarded to organisations such as Stepney Bank Stables and Scotswood Natural Community Garden in Newcastle, Northumbria Police Cadets and Eighton Banks Village Hall in Gateshead, Young Asian Voices and District Youth ABC in Sunderland, Whitley Bay Sea Cadets and North Tyneside Disability Forum in North Tyneside and De La Salle Youth Club and South Tyneside Asylum Seeker and Refugee Church Help (STARCH) in South Tyneside. Five higher commendations of £700 were awarded to Whickham Fellside Youth Football Club in Gateshead, West End Women and Girls and the North East Circus Development Trust in Newcastle, 1st Wallsend Girls Brigade in North Tyneside and Escape Intervention Services in South Tyneside. A runner up prize of £1,500 was presented to A690 in Sunderland and the top prize of £2,000 went to the Patchwork Project in Benwell, Newcastle. The High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Fund is held at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

The High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear, Mrs Ruth Thompson OBE said:

“The High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Awards is a chance to recognise the work of children and young people in our community who are doing great things. Many young people learn about citizenship by engaging in community projects. This could be a football or boxing club teaching young people about respect and equality to youth clubs and intervention services tackling harder issues in the community. I’m delighted to be able to support this work through the High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Fund at the Community Foundation, and would like to congratulate all of the winners for the inspirational work which they achieve.”


The Patchwork Project receiving the top award of £2,000.

Michael Bell, Project Coordinator at the Patchwork Project said:

“We’re delighted to receive the top prize at this year’s High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Awards. Patchwork provides a wide variety of opportunities that are aimed at helping young people and children enjoy life, access safe fun activities, increase their skills and knowledge and express and develop their creativity in ways of their own choosing. We believe that by listening to young people we can better understand issues within our community and are delighted to be recognised for our work.”

The High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Awards recognise and reward local  organisations, big and small, which support children and young people, in a safe and secure environment, to develop confidence, to build skills, to find fun and friendship,  learning to be part of a community and in turn learning how to play a part in the community.  Awards are funded through the High Sheriff of Tyne & Wear Fund at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear with additional revenue generated by the Fundraising Panel, a collection of ex-High Sheriff’s. On the 15 May 2015, a fundraising golf day is being held at the Northumberland Golf Club in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The awards complement the work of the High Sheriff, an unpaid voluntary role appointed by HM The Queen, which today concentrates on upholding and supporting the judiciary, police and law enforcement agencies, emergency services, local authorities and all recognised church and faith groups as well as supporting and encouraging the voluntary sector. The role itself is over 1000 years old from the days when the High Sheriff was responsible for all law and order in the County, it is the oldest secular appointment in the country.

For more information about how you can support the awards scheme visit

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The High Sheriff of Northumberland Awards 2015 »

Numberland_GJmr-9373Choysez won the top award of £2,000 at the High Sheriff of Northumberland Awards at the Northumberland Church of England Academy in Ashington.

The High Sheriff of Northumberland, Mr. John Carr-Ellison celebrated the end of his shrievel year with an awards presentation at the Northumberland Church of England Academy celebrating the achievements of young people across Northumberland. During the year The High Sheriff of Northumberland gave 63 awards to young community groups in Northumberland totalling £37,400 through the High Sheriff of Northumberland Fund at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

Over 200 adults and young people enjoyed a ceremony where Alexander Armstrong delivered a video message and Tony Platten; Chair of Blyth Spartans AFC gave a keynote address inspiring youngsters about how through determination and hard work young people in Northumberland can achieve their goals and help make the county a great place to live. The Northumberland Church of England Academy Choral Society entertained the audience with contemporary music at the state of the art academy.

The High Sheriff of Northumberland, Mr. John Carr-Ellison said:

“During my year as High Sheriff of Northumberland I had the privilege of meeting and engaging with a wide range of inspirational young people, it was an honour to be able to recognise this work through the High Sheriff of Northumberland Fund and see so many young people actively engaging in good causes. Through the High Sheriff of Northumberland Fund at the Community Foundation we made 63 awards totalling £37,400 to recognise the work of young people in our community.”

Tony Platten, Chairman of Blyth Spartans AFC delivering a keynote address.

Tony Platten, Chairman of Blyth Spartans AFC delivering a keynote address.

63 community and voluntary groups across Northumberland received awards of between £250 and £750. This included awards to Alnwick Amateur Boxing Club and M.A.C.P.I. in North Northumberland, Young & Sweet and Corbridge Youth Initiative in West Northumberland, and Blyth Tall Ship and Real Deal Plus in South East Northumberland. Additional awards were presented to Reverend Davey Falcus from Real Deal Plus who won the Most Inspirational Leader award, Cadet Sergeant Molly Taylor from Northumbria Army Cadets who won Most Inspirational Young Person and Choysez gained the top award for Most Inspirational Group.

Chris Conroy, Chief Executive of Choysez said:

“Everyone at Choysez is thrilled to win the top prize at this year’s High Sheriff of Northumberland Youth Awards. For our young people making the right decisions in life starts with realising that decisions are theirs to make. We provide an environment that believes in young people and gives young people the opportunity to prove they can achieve great things. To win the top prize of £2,000 embodies this belief and we would like to thank the High Sheriff of Northumberland, Mr. John Carr-Ellison and the Community Foundation for their kind support.”

The aim of the High Sheriff Youth Awards Northumberland is to recognise the good work of community and voluntary groups in Northumberland in engaging young people with meaningful activity. The High Sheriff is by Royal appointment for one year and as well as supporting the Crown and the judiciary the High Sheriff helps to support the voluntary sector in Northumberland.

The Fund will reopen for applications in May 2015. For more information on how to apply visit

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Attention Arts organisations: It’s your ‘Time to Talk’ this May »

its-time-to-talk-logo-300x167Time to Talk is the Community Foundation’s monthly lunchtime discussion on a range of topics.  They are usually on the first Wednesday of each month, but please note the June session is on a Tuesday so that anyone who is unable to attend on a Wednesday has an opportunity to join us.

There is no formal agenda but it is an opportunity for representatives from a range of groups and organisations to share thoughts, ideas, good practice, and hopefully learn a little. Each session will be hosted by two Community Foundation staff and will give you a chance to network and make new contacts.

We’ll provide tea, coffee and biscuits and you are welcome to bring along a sandwich.

Wednesday 6th May: How can the Community Foundation support arts activities?

Tuesday 2nd June: How do groups put themselves in the best position to be successful with the Community Foundation?

The sessions will run from 12.30pm to 2pm at the Community Foundation, Cale Cross, 156 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6SU.

Advance booking is essential and spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. As numbers will be limited, one representative per organisation may attend (unless you require a support worker).

If you would like to come to more than one of these sessions please prioritise your choices and we hope to be able to guarantee at least one place for this round of talks.

You can reserve a place by emailing:

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Could you be a 2016 Clore Social Fellow? »


The Clore Social Leadership Programme develops leaders working in the social sector so they can transform their communities, organisations and the world around them.

Each year the programme appoints up to 20 Clore Social Fellows on either a full time (12 months) or part time (up to 24 months) basis. Fellows attend residentials and business capability training, have a 360° review, get a coach and a mentor, do a secondment and a practice-based research project, take part in action learning sets and an individual training budget.

Clore Social Leadership Programme is hosting an information event at the Sage Gateshead on 5 May 2015. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the content of the Fellowship and what being a Fellow really means in practice; hear from current and former Fellows; and ask any questions they have.

For more information and to register your attendance click here.

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The George Loggie Bursary for young artists »

The George Loggie Bursary Scheme was set up in 2002 in memory of George Loggie, former Chair of Northern Arts.

 George Loggie

Grants are given to promising young artists in the North East to facilitate imaginative and inspiring creative ideas to aid their personal and artistic development. Applicants must be under 21 and can be working in any art form.

In 2015, this fund will award three £1000 bursaries, one in each of the following regions: Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, County Durham and Teesside. The bursaries will be awarded in May and run for 12 months until the following May.

Examples of grants

• To a visual artist to lead a graffiti art project for young people
• To a filmmaker to develop a new short film
• To a performer to host a cabaret evening in partnership with a theatre company
• To a glass artist to produce a new piece of work
• To purchase photography equipment for a visual artist

When applying please make sure you mark the application for The George Loggie Bursary

Guidelines: The George Loggie Bursary guidelines

Closing Date: 10 April 2015

Contact Person: Ellie Turner

Apply offline: Download a word version of the application form

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Kellett Fund 2015 is open for applications »

030The Kellett Fund, established in 1996 following a £5m legacy from Mr Douglas Kellett, supports projects that enable active ageing. Funding is available to community and voluntary sector agencies active in in Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Chester-Le-Street to support projects that:

1. support the active participation of older people in all aspects of community affairs,


2. provide leisure and learning activities for older people.

We are particularly interested in supporting projects that deliver against both, offering older people opportunities to benefit from and contribute to service provision.  A minimum requirement for all applications will be that projects should involve older people in their governance, service planning and delivery.

A long-standing priority of the Kellett Fund has been to ensure its projects benefit those in most need.  Applicants will be required to demonstrate an active approach to engaging with hard-to-reach communities, and report on the progress achieved.

The fund offers grants of up to £30,000 a year over three years. Grants will be made for up to two years in the first instance, with funding in year three restricted to those projects that have demonstrated significant achievement against Kellett Fund priorities.

Please read the “Kellett Fund 2015: Guidelines for Applicants” before applying. Applications must be made on the online “Kellett Fund 2015: Grant Application Form”. Applications open on March 17 2015. The closing date is 12 noon on 28 April 2015. Successful projects will be notified in June 2015, and projects must have commenced by 1 September 2015.

There will be a further round of Kellett Funding in March 2016.

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Over £10,000 raised by International Women’s Day Lunch in aid of Women’s Fund »

The Women’s Fund at the Community Foundation has been boosted by over £10,000 thanks to the eighth annual International Women’s Day Networking Lunch. Around 270 women attended the lunch which featured speeches from special guests Dame Margaret Barbour and Baroness Diana Maddock. The lunch was supported by Hay & Kilner Solicitors and the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead.


Lady Maddock, a firm advocate of women’s rights, discussed how a visit to Fourth Action in Amble , Northumberland, had inspired her to think about the importance of enterprising women in our region.

Lady Maddock said on visiting the project:

“’I was delighted to be able to see at first hand a building put up by women who acquired skills during the process. It is very encouraging to see community-led projects such as Fourth Action which address the needs of local communities. There is a common misconception that construction and DIY is a man’s job, but this is not true and projects such as this empower local women by overcoming barriers to learning skills that otherwise may be hard to attain.”

Women_GJmr-8077The Women’s Fund at the Community Foundation was established by Dame Margaret Barbour in 1999 to encourage collective philanthropy to support women-only causes in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. The Fund has since awarded over £280,000 to help women to feel safe, supported and confident when confronted by abuse, discrimination and a lack of opportunities. The Fund supports projects such as Fourth Action; however applications to the Fund are often three times higher than the amount of revenue available. Money raised at the lunch will be used to support more women’s projects.

Gill Lowing, Fund Development Manager, said:

“When Dame Margaret Barbour established the Women’s Fund it was identified that there was a need for a dedicated Fund to support women-only projects in our community. As the Fund has grown so too has the need and currently we are unable to meet the demand for support. Those attending the Women’s Fund lunch were helping us achieve our goal of growing the Fund to help more women in our region.”


Alison Hall, Partner of Hay & Kilner Solicitors and Chair of the Women’s Fund Panel said:

“Hay & Kilner was delighted to support the Women’s Fund lunch. As chair of the Women’s Fund Panel I see first-hand the need for women-only provision in our region. This could be counselling or support projects helping women in situations of domestic violence and abuse through to social and skill learning activities which tackle a range of barriers that prevent women fulfilling their potential.”

For more information about the Women’s Fund please visit

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