Supporting and developing the capacity of volunteers across Gateshead

  • Grant Range: Up to £500
  • Closing Date: Thursday 31 May
  • Apply Online

The Gateshead Thrive Fund, Gateshead Volunteers’ Month June 2018

1. About Gateshead Volunteers Month

Gateshead Council has established a £20,000 fund at the Community Foundation, providing small grants to enable VCS organisations to organise events which encourage and support residents to help out in their communities through volunteering. The Fund will support events which:

• raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering
• support and enable volunteering for both new and existing volunteers
• create capacity through volunteering
• improve the health and wellbeing of volunteers
• deliver the aims of the Gateshead Volunteer Plan

The Fund opens on Tuesday 3 April 2018 and the closing date for applications is Thursday 31 May 2018.

2. How much funding is available?

A maximum award of £500 is available towards activities and events to be held in June 2018.

3. What can be funded

Priority will be given to events which focus on the following:
• organising a taster event or volunteer awareness raising day to recruit new volunteers
• an event or activity which benefits the growth and development of volunteers, both new and existing; for example, training and development days
• activities that encourage other organisations to help, including public services, local business and charities
• publicity and promotion materials
• help with designing or improving a website
• costs linked to a specific event or activity linked to Volunteers Month
• projects which mark the centenary of the end of the First World War
• projects which complement and/or enhance the Great Exhibition of
the North

Applicants will be required to identify one grant objective that will be achieved, as a result of the grant, to collect evidence on progress during the course of their project and to provide an online end of grant monitoring report to demonstrate what has been achieved.

4. Who can apply?

Applications will be considered from voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations based or working in Gateshead. Examples of eligible groups include:
• constituted voluntary or community organisations
• registered charities and Charitable Incorporated Organisations
• charitable companies
• social enterprises; for example, CICs and Co-operatives

5. Exclusions

Gateshead Volunteers’ Month will not provide grants for:
• contributions to general appeals or circulars • religious activity which is not for the wider public benefit
• activities which have already taken place/retrospective funding • grant making by other organisations • privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnerships
• organisations with unrestricted reserves that exceed one year’s running costs
• individuals

6. How to apply

Funds are limited and will be awarded using a fast track system; we advise applicants to apply as early as possible. Once the allocated funds are awarded, the programme will close.

Other Information

Gateshead Council are able to promote volunteer roles and match volunteers to opportunities. If you would like to register your volunteer roles within your organisation, please email:

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