For activities associated with literature, music and visual arts

  • Grant Range: £300 - £900
  • Closing Date: Monday 21 November
  • Apply Online

The Pen & Palette Club Fund

The Fund was established in April 2014 by the committee and members of the Club. It celebrates the history and principles of The Pen & Palette Club which was founded for men in Newcastle in 1900. 114 years later and as a result of the sale of their headquarters, which were in Higham Place next to the Laing Art Gallery, the club members established the fund as a permanent legacy.

The Pen & Palette Club Fund is held within The North East Fund for the Arts through which grants are made.

Who benefits?

Grants are made to organisations and groups for activity associated with literature, music and visual arts.

The fund will look for the public benefit of proposals to enhance the quality of events (for example; poetry readings, art workshops and master classes) to improve facilities & equipment and provide support towards the cost of exhibitions.

Examples of grants
• Towards the costs of professional fees;
• Costs associated with putting on a performance or workshop;
• Towards the costs of marketing an exhibition.

How are decisions made?

The Pen & Palette Club Fund advisory panel meets once a year in December to discuss applications.

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