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Funds and fees explained

Endowment funds

Your gifts to the Foundation are invested in an endowment and the return applied for charitable purposes.

Most endowment funds are held as long-term capital but in a legally expendable endowment. This means we draw down a fixed percentage of a fund’s market value each year, currently 6%.

Where endowment funds have been transferred to the Foundation from other charitable bodies, and must continue to be held as legally permanent endowment, only the direct income received from dividends and interest may be used.

For more information on how we invest and manage assets click here.

Annual or flow-through funds

The whole of your gift is applied for charitable purposes in the year it its given.


Fees are the contribution made by all funds towards the costs of our charitable activities. Fees vary to reflect the size of the fund and the level of involvement you wish to have. For more information on our current fees, contact Lisa Cappleman or call 0191 222 0945.

We are also always happy to consider providing bespoke services around charitable giving for which we negotiate a fee to reflect the costs of the work.


All donations to the Community Foundation to establish or grow funds or support our work generally are covered by our Gift Acceptance Policy.

To discuss your options further email Lisa Cappleman or call 0191 222 0945.
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