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The Newcastle Culture Fund is a grant programme for independent cultural organisations working in the Newcastle City Council area, which is being run as a partnership between the Council and the Community Foundation.

The fund will support cultural activities that fulfil the Newcastle Vision for Culture as well as the Council’s aims for the city. Specifically, the fund will enable the development of a rich, diverse and accessible independent cultural sector in Newcastle that reflects the creative needs and aspirations of all residents and visitors, and gives them the opportunity to participate in the creative activity of their choice. The Fund will therefore support a wide portfolio of art forms and types of work within the constraints of the funding available. Grants from the Fund will help increase participation in creative activity and grow the contribution of cultural activity to the social, educational and economic well-being in the city.

The core resources for the Fund are being provided through the Community Foundation by the City Council. The Foundation in turn will hold and manage the Fund and award grants in line with the criteria and processes agreed with the Council. The Foundation has appointed an independent Fund panel, which includes two Newcastle City Councillors as well as other independent members who are in the majority. The Chair is one of the independent members.  The Foundation will award grants from the Fund on the basis of the panel’s recommendations.

About the Grants

Grants are intended to support core revenue costs and/or project activity from April 2018 onwards.

Two types of grant will be available

25% of every grant awarded must be directed towards supporting Newcastle Council’s Health and Wellbeing priorities – for more information on this refer to

This fund does not replace the Newcastle Fund which will be continuing to give grants, including to the arts, for work that fulfils the aims of the Council and the Newcastle Fund.

Application Criteria 

We will not support:

How will my application be assessed?

Once your application has been received it will be checked to make sure it includes all the information we need. If there is any information missing we will contact you. Applications will not be assessed unless all the required information has been provided.

Eligible applications will then be assessed by The Community Foundation. For core revenue grants, this may involve a meeting in person with senior representatives of the organisation. For project grants, assessments may be done over the phone depending on the proposal and whether the organisation is well known to the Foundation.

Reports on assessed applications will be presented by Foundation staff to our independent panel. Reports will include an appraisal of how well each application meets the Fund criteria and whether it should be considered a high, medium or low priority, or be rejected.

The panel will then agree its recommendations on which applications to support from the Fund. The Foundation will then award grants on the basis of these recommendations following ratification by its Board of trustees.

Guidelines on what we need you to tell us

About your organisation

Questions we may consider during assessment:

How you will meet the aims of the fund

All applications to the Newcastle Culture Investment Fund must show how their proposed activity will support the Newcastle Cultural Partnership’s Vision for Culture. In addition Newcastle City Council is keen to see applicants address its ambitions for the city. These are:

All applicants must address the Health and Wellbeing aim plus one other from the list.  Applicants are asked to do this through writing SMART objectives against each aim (min.3 max.5).

Applications which demonstrate closer working with other cultural partners on areas which can deliver real efficiencies and support future sustainability are also welcome.

Questions we may consider during assessment, whilst recognising that an applicant may not be intending to address all of the above aims:

The following documents/website may be of use when compiling this information but are only suggested to help your thinking. The documents are available to download from the Community Foundation website or via the links:


The budgets and audited accounts provided elsewhere by applicants will give us most of the information we need to carry out our financial assessment, however applicants must also tell us the following.

Questions we will consider during assessment:

Other issues that will be taken into account

In order to ensure that Newcastle City Council is able to support as wide a range of cultural activity as possible, the Fund panel will be asked to take into account the availability and effect of other Council sources of support and funding for applicant organisations, including Ward Committee funds, the Newcastle Fund, and capital investment/loans facilitated or provided by the authority.

If applicants are in receipt of, or planning on applying for, support from any of these funds, they will be required to declare them on the application form. The Community Foundation will then take views from Council staff and include the information in the assessment. However, the panel is independent and free to reach its own conclusions on which grants to recommend whether or not such other support is in place.

Payment and monitoring arrangements

Payments are made once grants have been ratified by the Community Foundation’s Board and the relevant paperwork has been returned to the Foundation by the grantee. Payments will be paid at the beginning of the financial year once monies for the Fund have been received by the Community Foundation from Newcastle City Council.

For grants over £20,000 a year, the Foundation may split payments into instalments with funds released on receipt of satisfactory monitoring information that will be agreed when the grants are made. Monitoring may include visits by Community Foundation staff.

How to apply                                

This is an online application process available via the Community Foundation website. The closing date for applications is Monday 18th September at 5pm.

Before applying you must speak to the Community Foundation to discuss your application. Applications received where there has been no preliminary discussion may be rejected regardless of the eligibility and quality of the application.

As well as a completed application applicants will need to provide:

You may be asked to supply further supporting documents as part of the assessment process, but you should not include any other material in your application other than that set out above.

Other funding

As with all applications to the Community Foundation, there may be an opportunity for an application to be presented to other funds held at the Community Foundation if applicable. We will inform you if other funds are interested in supporting your work

Supporting Documents

Vision for Culture

Newcastle – A working City

Council Plan 2016-17

Report on the Newcastle Fairness Commission

Newcastle Wellbeing for Life Strategy

Contact Details –

Ellie Turner, Principal Advisor Culture

The Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland

Philanthropy House,

Woodbine Road,


Newcastle upon Tyne,


0191 222 0945 and