Innogy Renewables UK Middlemoor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

Next Deadline: Friday 31 May 2017


The Innogy Renewables UK Limited Middlemoor Windfarm Community Benefit Fund (the Fund) at the Community Foundation will receive an annual donation of £81,000 (index linked for 25 years from its inception in 2014) for payment of community grants to voluntary/community groups, charitable organisations and grants to individual people. The Fund year is October to September.

Groups can apply for a minimum of £250 up to £81,000.  Individuals can apply for a minimum of £250 up to a maximum of £2,000, subject to periodic review.

Area of benefit:

Who can apply?

What can be funded:

Examples of what grants will be supported:

This list is not exhaustive and all applications will be given due consideration by the advisory panel.

What will not be funded:

How to apply

Please apply online at

For further information please contact the Community Foundation on 0191 222 0945 or email

Grants for individuals

The fund can also support individuals living within the Parish of Eglingham with grant requests of up to £2,000 per year from individuals residing in the Parish of Eglingham, with a view to encouraging and nurturing talent or supporting an individual to take up a life enhancing opportunity.  It can also be used to access an apprenticeship, a vocational training course, or a further educational college course.  Please use the application form here.