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Do we have to apply online?

No. If you would like a paper copy of our application form, please call the office on 0191 222 0845.

Do we need charitable status to apply?

No, you don’t need to be a registered charity. We accept applications from constituted voluntary and community groups.

We are a large regional charity. Can our local projects apply for a grant under the project name or does it have to come under the charity name?
The application must be submitted by the main charity as this is the organisation which will be accountable for how funding is used. We would expect the Chief Executive to be one of the contacts for the application.

Can schools apply?

Yes but not for work that is covered, or should be covered, by statutory funding or by other agencies which should pay for work they are asking you to do. This is especially important if the project takes place in school time. If you want to change or improve the school or its grounds we need to know that the facilities will be available to the wider community outside school hours.

I am doing some fundraising activities for a charity. Can you contribute?

We do not make grants to individuals unless in response to a specific call for applications, and we do not support general charity appeals.

I am from a social enterprise. Can we apply?

Yes, but we usually only consider grants for genuine social enterprises (including Community Interest Companies) to start up or grow where there is a strong business plan. We do not normally support day-to-day running costs since these should be met through your trading activities (selling goods and services including contracts).

Can I apply to a specific fund?

Yes, if there is a specific call for applications for that fund. Otherwise you should apply through our general grants channel.

Can I apply to more than one fund?

You can make different applications in response to calls for applications or for separate projects. However, one of the advantages of applying to us is that we do the work of trying to match you request to a suitable fund, so making one general application may be better. If you do apply more than once in response to different calls, make sure you read the individual guidance carefully and make you match the requirements. If you do make more than one application at a time, we might ask you to say which is your highest priority.

Can we approach a donor directly?

If you have an existing relationship with a donor who has established a fund at the Community Foundation, then obviously we would not want to interfere with that. If the donor has suggested you apply to their fund please speak to one of our team before making an application so we can advise you. All requests will be subject to our normal grant policy and application criteria.

A donor has suggested I apply to their fund with you. How do I do that?

If the fund has a current call for applications, you should apply through that channel. Otherwise, please speak to one of our team before making an application so we can advise you.

How much can we apply for?

You should apply for what you need, but as the majority of our funds make grants of a few thousand pounds, your application will have more chance of being considered by a range of funds if it is for a few hundred pounds up to £5,000. Specific funds have their own guidelines and the maximum amounts may be higher.

Will you fund salaries?

We can and do fund salaries, but because we generally make grants of a few thousand pounds, we are very unlikely to be able to fund a post in full or over several years. We can contribute towards staff costs and we can help with the salaries of part-time or sessional workers.

Why don’t you make larger grants?

Rather than one big pot of money, we hold nearly 300 separate funds and work with donors of all types to support their philanthropic interests. We match applications to the funds we have. That means, for the most part, we make smaller grants. However, some of our funds and programmes can make bigger awards and you should check our calls for applications to find out more.

What is the deadline for applications?

There is no deadline for our general grants – you can apply at any time. Specific calls for applications for particular funds or programmes often do have a deadline, so if you apply in response to a call, check the information given carefully.

I have been turned down for a grant in the past, can I re-apply?

Yes: we don’t ask applicants to wait before submitting a new project proposal. You can make an application as soon as you are ready, but you should address any advice or feedback we have given you about your previous application.

Can I apply for continuation funding?

You can apply to continue work that you are already doing, but bear in mind that your request will be considered on its merits alongside all other applications.

Do we need match funding?

No, unless a specific fund has this in its criteria. But if you are asking for a contribution towards a large project or capital expenditure, we are unlikely to be able to support you if the majority of the other funding has not been secured.

Why do you need to have a copy of our constitution, accounts, protection policy and bank statement?

We check your governing document to make sure your application is for work that is charitable and fits with your organisation’s aims and objectives. We also look to make sure you are properly governed and what will happen to any assets if your organisation closes down. If you work with children or vulnerable adults, we need to know that you have checks in place to ensure their safety. We look at accounts to understand your financial position, and will talk to you if we want more information. We need the bank statement so that we can be certain that any grant goes to the correct account.

Do we have to send you accounts every time we apply?

If you have sent your latest accounts or financial records with a previous application we can use those. However, we expect you to have new accounts up to 10 months after your financial year end. For example, if your financial year end is 31 March 2014 then we will accept those accounts until January 2015 unless you have a more up-to-date set.

Why do we have to send a thank you letter and feedback?

Our funds are set up by donors whose generosity helps to make our grants possible. Donors tell us how much they value a thank you letter at the start of a project as well as hearing how it went from your feedback.

Once a grant is awarded can we change what we spend it on?

You have to discuss this with us first. That is because you agree to and our terms and conditions when you accept the grant, which includes spending the grant on the items you applied for. We try to be helpful wherever possible.

How long do we have to spend the grant?

This depends on how long the funded activity will last. For the majority of our grants we would expect funding to be used between six months and one year.

What are you looking for in the feedback we provide?

We need to know whether our grants are benefitting individuals and communities. So as well as giving us some facts and figures about your project, we will ask you to describe any positive changes it has helped to bring about. We share your feedback with our donors. They especially like to hear individual beneficiaries’ stories in their own words. Photographs and video can really bring those stories to life. Remember that providing great feedback inspires local philanthropists to keep supporting projects like yours through the Community Foundation.


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