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Charity and Trust Funds


Charity and trust funds

From its inception, the Community Foundation has provided an effective mechanism for other charities and trusts to meet their aims through establishing funds with us. In some cases, such funds enable a charity to reach areas it might not alone; in others, the original charity has wound up, but we continue its objectives through a Fund in its name.

To find out about how your charity and trust can transfer assets to the Community Foundation or work with us, click here.

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  • Abbot Memorial Fund

    Formerly the Abbot Memorial Trust, established to benefit young people in need under 18 in Newcastle and Gateshead.

    • Est: 2005
  • Alison Greenlees Continuation Fund

    Established following the transfer of a trust set up in memory of Alison Greenlees to support projects in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland and some projects in the developing world.

    • Est: 2004
  • Berwick High School Endowment Fund

    Established following a trust transfer to promote the education and development of persons under the age of 25 who are or have been pupils of Berwick Upon Tweed Community High […]

    • Est: 2010
  • Bird Family Fund

    Established following the transfer of two charitable trusts endowed by members of the Bird family. The fund generally supports former employees of Johnson’s Dry Cleaners by providing them with a […]

    • Est: 2000
  • Carr-Ellison Charitable Trust

    Makes regular donations to charities supported by the Carr-Ellison family.

    • Est: 1997
  • Chapman Fund

    Established following the transfer of the Chapman Foundation to provide equipment for young people’s projects in Tyne & Wear.

    • Est: 2001
  • David Dockray West End Young People’s Fund

    Established following the sale of the West End Boys Club, which was founded by David Dockray in 1947, to support children and young people in the West End of Newcastle.

    • Est: 2007
  • Durham Fund

    Established as a designated fund for donations to support the County Durham Community Foundation.

    • Est: 2001
  • Enid Blyton Fund for Seven Stories

    Established when the trustees of the Enid Blyton Trust for Children wound up their charity and transferred its total assets to establish a designated endowment fund to benefit Seven Stories, the national centre for children’s books.

  • Farne Fund

    Established following the transfer of a fund initiated by Dr Carson Dick to support research undertaken by PhD students at the Department of Rheumatology, Newcastle University Medical School.

    • Est: 2000
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