Comic Relief Community Cash 2017

£50,000 worth of Comic Relief Community Cash awarded to local groups

After raising a jaw-dropping £76million and counting for Red Nose Day 2017, Comic Relief today announces it has funded 52 local groups with grants from its Community Cash fund.

Working with the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland and the Newcastle Chronicle, local groups have been awarded grants from the £50,000 fund to support great work that helps local people living tough lives.  The full list of successful applicants can be seen below.

Gilly Green, Comic Relief’s head of UK grants said, “The Comic Relief Community Cash initiative enables us to help more than a thousand smaller projects all across the UK. The grants awarded today can be used for a wide variety of needs, from equipment for disability sports clubs, to activities bringing communities together, to specialist training for volunteers providing essential support.“

Nils Stronach, Senior Programme Advisor at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland said: “Comic Relief Community Cash offers a fantastic funding opportunity for local groups throughout the region and the grants awarded today will allow them to get on and do what they do best – helping people in local communities.

“There are so many groups which are a vital resource for the community and do a massive amount on very little money. These new Comic Relief Community Cash grants will provide a welcome boost and will soon be making a difference right across the region.”


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About Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a UK charity which aims to create a just world, free from poverty – where everyone is safe, healthy, educated and empowered. Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £1 billion. That money has helped, and is helping, people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world.

For information about Comic Relief and the work it carries out, please visit

Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)


List of successful applicants


172243 Northern Butterflies 1,000
172340 Northbourne Street Youth Initiative 1,000
180031 Northumberland Community Enterprise Ltd 897
180054 Rainbow Foundation Sunderland 1,000
180108 Headway – Gateshead and South Tyneside 816
180149 VIEWS Group 1,000
180160 Artful Codgers of Winton Court 1,000
180168 Pegswood Community Hub 1,000
180169 South Hylton Tansy Centre 960
180177 Friends of St. Marks 1,000
180178 Gateshead Older People’s Assembly 995
180180 Nunsmoor Centre Trust 961
180182 The Charlton Chickadees 1,000
180203 Headway Wearside 970
180212 Birtley Community Association 810
180213 Community@NE66 Charitable Trust. 1,000
180216 Gosforth Rugby Football Club 1,000
180218 RTC Sports 999
180219 Tyneside Outdoors 1,000
180223 Northumberland Lightning American Football Club 1,000
180226 Northumberland Community Development Company 900
180228 Angel Court Residents Association 1,000
180235 Friends of Felling Park and Town Centre 987
180236 Anxious Minds 780
180245 Carers Cultural Adventures 1,000
180274 Cranlea Benefit Funding Group 1,000
180275 Friends of Shadon House 998
180276 Churches Together in South Tyneside 1,000
180278 Wor Hoose Community Project 900
180296 Space4 1,000
180299 Launchpad 940
180304 Bluebells of Philips Court 1,000
180313 Tyne & Wear AFC (Youth) 1,000
180317 Hirst Active Youth 1,000
180319 Gateshead Youth Organisations Council 1,000
180321 The Harton Hinnies 1,000
180322 Wood Green Residents Association 1,000
180323 Crossings Community Group 1,000
180324 HOPS Healing Opportunities Provision Scheme 999
180326 Company of Others 1,000
180335 Fightback (The Society of Disabled Refugee and Asylum Seekers) 1,000
180338 Dance Dynamics 1,000
180339 Hawksbury House Residents Social Fund 1,000
180340 Mount Community Association 1,000
180341 North East Academy of American Football 1,000
180342 The Caddy Shacks 880
180354 The Friendly Development Charity 990
180374 Greater Walker Community Trust 525
180261 Balliol Y&C Centre 1,000
172129 Community Music Whickham Swalwell 1,000
172183 861 Wideopen  Squadron ATC 1,000
180115 Berwick Juniors FC 700


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