Business support for charities – a pathway through the maze

The Community Foundation has helped to launch a new website that will inspire North East businesses and charities to work together, and make it easier for them to do so. has been established by the North East Skills Sharing Group, which is convened by the Community Foundation and brings together a range of organisations that help to broker relationships between businesses and charities across the region. These brokerage organisations include local projects like Sector Connector in North Tyneside, regional brokers like SkillsBridge and national players like the Cranfield Trust, Business in the Community and Pilotlight.

The group’s vision is “a coordinated skills-sharing infrastructure providing a pathway through the maze, regardless of any combination of size of business, size of charity, location, or type of skills sharing activity” and the website is a key part of this.

The aim is to raise awareness of the various types of cross sector activity that can take place, and how these can be mutually beneficial, to help charities and businesses think about what they need and what they can offer, and to point them in the direction of organisations who can play a role in brokering introductions and relationships.

Adam Lopardo, Director of Partnerships at the Community Foundation and chair of the North East Skills Sharing Group, said:

“We think that there is a gap to be filled in terms of helping the charitable sector access private sector expertise to develop the skills they need to survive and thrive.

“There are many ways in which businesses can help local voluntary organisations, from basic, one-off activities to more in-depth, long-term strategic support. We are fortunate in the North East in that we have a number of brokerage organisations who can support various different types of skills sharing, and we’re doubly fortunate that many of these organisations are working together to raise the profile of skills sharing.

“I’d encourage any businesses or charities reading this to have a look at the website, read some of the case studies, and contact one of the brokerage organisations. Depending on where you are in the region, and what type of skills sharing you want to participate in, we’re sure there’s an organisation on that list who can help you.

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Posted on 16/03/2017 @ 4:37 pm
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