Curtains close on £400,000 funding stream for young people in Northumberland

The CNL Young People’s Fund at the Community Foundation has made its last round of grants with nine awards totalling £43,897. Established in 2009, the Fund awarded over £400,000 during its lifetime to projects which create positive and life-changing opportunities for young people in Northumberland.

Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project was one project to benefit from the Fund, receiving six grants during the lifetime of the Fund.

Robert Hall MBE, Executive Manager of Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project (CVYP) said:

“Without this significant support from the Community Foundation and of course The CNL Young People’s Fund, CVYP would not have developed and achieved to its current level. Over 300 young people have taken part in activities and achieved multiple awards with the grants from the Fund.

“In particular, four youth work apprentices have benefited hugely because of the range of accredited schemes and awards we have delivered. This would not have happened without the funding, which is more than funding; it is an investment in our youth.

“The CNL Young People’s Fund has been a huge help in providing opportunities for young people in Northumberland. It has helped us establish a programme for many excluded young people in our community from young carers in need of respite, early intervention with young offenders or those at risk of social exclusion, and archery classes for young people with disabilities.”

Elaine Holdsworth, Senior Philanthropy Advisor at the Community Foundation added:

“All young people deserve the chance to achieve their potential. Many young people are excluded from opportunities to develop their skills and confidence and better equip them for adult life. The CNL Young People’s Fund at the Community Foundation has been a crucial support in providing opportunities for young people in our area.”

The Fund was established at the Community Foundation following the closure of Connexions Northumberland. The former guidance and advice service transferred its remaining assets to the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

Trevor Jones, the former Chairman of Connexions Northumberland said:

“Our vision was that Connexions Northumberland would support young people to give them the best possible life chances. Since transferring our assets following the closure of Connexions, the CNL Young People’s Fund has supported an incredibly diverse range of projects across the whole of Northumberland. There has not been a moment when the choice to work with The Community Foundation has ever been in doubt, it has been a tremendous experience.”

Linda Ions, a panel member of the CNL Young People’s Fund said:

“In my opinion we could not have chosen a better partner than the Community Foundation. From start to finish over almost 7 years from initial discussions, to establishing the transfer, managing the process, supporting applicants, supporting the Panel and providing wise independent counsel this has been an exemplary relationship.

“At the heart of this has been that sense of common purpose to benefit young people in Northumberland not in education, training and employment. To see the breadth of spread of the funding over the years and the areas of the County and groups of young people it has supported, along with feedback from the young people themselves is heart-warming. “

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